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Competition Rules

How to Register

  1. Please log on CTRRA official web site for online registration. Payment can be made in the following methods:

    Credit Card: MASTER、VISA、JCB

    Please do not click confirmation button repeatedly. Contact your local card company if you have any queries regarding payment (Service charge will be applied).

    Convenient Stores (For Taiwan area only)

    (Max. payment is NTD 20,000, NTD 18 handling fee will be charged for each transaction) Please make sure your payment is done before 14:00 in the next day after you complete your on-line registration and keep your receipt properly. Fail to do the payment in the required length of time will be deemed as failure of the registration process. Please re-register if there are still have quotas available.

  2. Please consider and evaluate your health before registering. After you complete the registration process, you will not be allowed to replace your entry with another name. If you need to switch to a different race category (only when the new race category is available), a cancellation action must be made before you resubmit the new registration. There is only limited quantities for each size of the singlet and the t-shirt. The organizer reserves the right to substitute it with another size when the one requested is short.
  3. You are not allowed to run on the race track without completing the registration process.
  4. Cancellation:
Period Application Period
(Local time in Taipei)
of refund
Phase 1 JUN 22th, 2020 -
JULY 28th, 2020 before 17:30
return NTD 880
return NTD 640
return NTD 400
No Proof Needed
Phase 2 JULY 28th, 2020 17:31 -
OCT 14th, 2020 before 17:30
return NTD 660
return NTD 480
return NTD 300
No Proof Needed
Phase 3 OCT 14th, 2020 17:31 -
OCT 22nd, 2020 before 17:30
return NTD 550
return NTD 400
return NTD 250

Can only apply if you meet the following requirement:
*Military Service
*Funeral of Participant’s spouse or parents

OCT 22nd, 2020 17:31 -
OCT 26th, 2020 before 17:30

Can only apply if the following force majeure occurs:
*Natural/man-made disaster
*Traffic Interruption
If event is cancelled due to some reason, the refund will automatically effect.

    • Please call or email CTRRA (office hour: 08:30-12:00, 13:30-17:30 Mon.-Fri. 02-2585-5659) request for the cancellation form.
    • For the 1st and 2nd phases, applicants can apply the refund without any documents required.
    • For the 3rd phase, applicants have to provide the document (EX: Doctor notes). Refund will be issued only if you have received the race pack and return it as unopened condition (postal fee will not be refunded).

      a. Paid at Convenience Stores: Remit to bank or post office account in Taiwan. (NTD30 will be charged for each wire transfer)
      b. Paid by Credit Card: Refund to the original payment credit card.

    • The Organizers will take into consideration all factors such as typhoons and other possible natural/man-made disasters for ensuring the safety of all participants. If the race is cancelled due to safety reasons, participants do not have the right to protest such a decision, and registrants will be entitled to a 50% refund of the registration fee.

      a. Paid at Convenience Stores: Remit to bank or post office account in Taiwan. (NTD30 will be charged for each wire transfer)
      b. Paid by Credit Card: Refund to the original payment credit card.

  1. Visually impaired (VI) runners' registration: Before contact with CTRRA to hand in valid proof documents and details of guide runner, VI Runners need to register online successfully, otherwise VI runners will be arranged into age groups automatically.
  2. All runners' information will be in accordance with the registration on identification or passport. Please provide your valid ID information when requested by the organizer.
  3. After submitting your payment, the on-line payment system will automatically send you a confirmation email of your payment. If for some reason, you have not received this email notice, you may use the query function on CTRRA website to confirm your registration.

Race Pack Items for Pick-up

In Person

  • Time: OCT 23rd, 2020 to OCT 24th, 2020(Fri to Sat)10:00am to 17:00pm (Local time in Taipei), no extended hours.
  • Location: Taipei Wanhua Sports Center 6-1 Xining South Road, Wanhua District, Taipei City (0965-525659)
  1. Please bring your pick-up notice with you. Pick-up notice will be e-mailed to participants one week prior to the race event.
  2. If you need to entrust someone to pick up your race pack for you, please make sure that your representative brings your pick-up notice and his/her ID. The CTRRA will not be responsible for anyone misrepresenting you to pick up your race package.
  3. If you have not received your pick-up notice, please download your notice from CTRRA website and bring a photocopy of your ID with you to pick up your package before the check-in deadline.
  4. For group registration, please pick up all the race packs in one time. Partial pick-up is not permitted.
  5. If you are unable to retrieve your race packs and take part in the race, you can still pick up your race packs from CTRRA office during the working hours (08:30~12:00; 13:30~17:30) from OCT 26th ,2020 to OCT 30th ,2020 (Monday to Friday). (No finisher souvenirs)

Race- Pack Delivered by Courier Service (Taiwan, Penghu, Kinmen, Matsu Only)

For those who cannot pick up the race packs at the designated time, please choose courier service and pay your shipping fee when register.

  1. For courier service, you should receive your race pack from OCT 15th, 2020 to OCT 20th, 2020. You can contact CTRRA (02-25855659) on OCT 21st, 2020 if you did not receive the package by then. Please make sure that your mailing address is correct on the registration form and your shipping fee is paid. If you need to amend your delivery address, please contact with CTRRA (02-25855659) before SEP 18th, 2020. Late application will not be accepted.
  2. Any returned race packs due to incorrect mailing addresses may be picked up at the CTRRA office in Taipei from OCT 26th, 2020 to OCT 30th,2020 during working hours (08:30– 12 :00, 13:30 – 17:30). Afterwards, all race packs will be forfeited.
  3. The courier fee for delivering
Number of People 1 2 3-5 6-20 21-50 51-100 101-200 201-300
Fee NTD 100 NTD 150 NTD 300 NTD 600 NTD 800 NTD 1,500 NTD 2,000 NTD 2,500
  1. All entrants who fail to pick up their race packs shall be disqualified from the race.
  2. It is not allowed to pick up any race pack on the race day, please be aware to collect your race pack by the methods that mentioned above.

Bag Check for Personal Belongings

The start and finish areas of the race event are at different locations. In order to store and retrieve your personal belongings effectively, please be sure to drop off and retrieve your storage bags in accordance with the stipulated time periods and locations.

  1. Runners must use the red color storage bag (please see picture shown below) provided by the CTTRA or similar type of bag if they wish to check and store their personal belongings at the race.
CTRRA storage bag If you do not have a CTRRA storage bag, you may purchase one (NTD110 or NTD200 each) when you pick up your race pack.
The CTRRA storage bag can be re-used at all CTRRA events.
  1. Please do not store any electronic /fragile items, valuable goods, fresh food, long handle umbrella and dangerous goods.
  2. Please store all valuable personal belongings in a secure place. The event organizers shall not be responsible for the loss of any personal items. Location and time for dropping off and retrieving your personal belonging bags are as followed:
Event 21.0975KM
Half Marathon
10KM 3KM
Drop off
location and time
In front of
the Presidential Office Plaza
(Plaza area)
04:00am ~ 05:00am
In front of
the Presidential Office Plaza
(Plaza area)
04:15am ~ 05:15am
DaJia Riverside Park
07:20am ~ 08:20am
location and time
DaJia Riverside Park
06:45am ~ 10:00am
DaJia Riverside Park
06:45am ~ 10:00am
DaJia Riverside Park
09:00am ~ 10:00am

Shuttle Bus

Location Departure Remarks
DaJia Riverside Park
From: MRT Yuanshan Station
To: DaJia Riverside Park
07:00am ~ 07:30am MRT Yuanshan Station Exit 1 Bus Stop
Yuanshan / Presidential Office Plaza
From: DaJia Riverside Park
To: MRT Yuanshan Station
08:00am ~ 10:30am Outside No.8 Water Gate-Dajia elementary Bus Stop
From: DaJia Riverside Park
To: Bus Stops across from NTU Hospital (Changde Street)
08:00am ~ 10:30am Between No.8 Water Gate and DaZhi Bridge

Race Timing Chips

  1. This race adopts a Race Timing Chip system to record the race results. All contestants will receive bibs, shirts and race timing chips.
  2. According to the International Association of Athletics Foundation (IAAF) regulations (Article 165.24), gun time shall be used as the start time to calculate the race time. Based on this principle, the record is used for placing the results.
  3. Exchange of timing chips, use more than 1 timing chips or others' timing chip are prohibited. Violators will be disqualified from the race.
  4. For fair play and as a courtesy, please consider your own ability and allow faster runners to pass in front of you. Thank you!
  5. Please start your race at your designated starting time. All runners who start prior to their designated starting time will be forfeited from the race and their times will not be recorded.
Fasten the timing chip Timing chip instruction
  • The timing chip should preferably be attached to the lace at its lowest part as close as possible to the toes.
  • Loop lace through the square holes of the timing chip and pull it tightly to the shoe.
  1. Detailed instructions on how to fasten and use the chip will be provided beforehand. You can ask any officials or volunteers at the race site if you need further assistance for fastening your chip. Improper or faulty usage of your chip will result in your race time not being recorded.
  2. Please be sure that your chip is fastened properly (please see picture shown above) and to step on the chip timing mats located along the course route while running your race.
  3. Official race results of the competition category shall be posted on the CTRRA website and will e-mail to you three days after the race day. Race completion certificates can also be downloaded from the CTRRA website:
  4. Only those who have completed their race within the required time limit will be issued race completion certificates.


Contestants who commit the violations listed below will have their race results disqualified from the competition.

  1. Illegally receiving drink or food from another party (you may only receive drink or food provided by the organizers).
  2. Not complying with the race officials' instructions.
  3. Not attaching the racing bib on the front of your race shirt or improper usage of the race timing chip (please follow the instructions for fastening your chip)
  4. Using in-line skates, skateboards, baby cart or any other rolling devices, etc. on the race course, or bringing a pet (dog or cat) on the race course.
  5. Interrupting other runners while taking photos on the race route.

Contestants who commit the violations listed below will not only have their results disqualified from the competition but being banned from participating in any CTRRA activities or events for one year.

  1. Receiving assistance from another person or party during the competition.
  2. Using false ID information.
  3. Violating the sportsman spirit and ethics (e.g. causing a disturbance or insulting officials and staff, etc.).
  4. Using a substitute or non-registered runner to run for you during the race competition.
  5. Using more than one racing chip.

Disputes and Appealing

Competition disputes

During the race competition, runners may not dispute the referees and officials.

Appealing procedure

Any dispute concerning the competition should be brought to the organizers' attention within ten minutes after finishing the race and at the same time with the submission of a deposit of NTD3,000. If the referee jury concludes that the dispute is justified, the NTD 3,000 deposit shall not be returned.

All Runners are Covered by Public Incident Insurance

Please evaluate your own health condition and consult your physician for participating in the race event if you have the following symptoms:

Unknown reason of chest oppression or pain Family history of heart disease (sudden death or outbreak in your first degree of kinship) Sudden loss consciousness
Renal Dysfunction Unknown reason of dizziness Diabetics
Unknown reason of expiratory dyspnea High cholesterol (total cholesterol > 240mg/Dl) Epilepsy
Heart disease High blood pressure(> 140/90mmHg)

THINGS for PAYING SPECIAL ATTENTION (please read carefully)

  1. Safety First: The referees or doctors have the right to stop any runners from continuing the race depending on his/her physical condition or road safety conditions.
  2. Please bring your ID with you to the race event.
  3. If a runner is caught using others' bib to run the race, both runner and the transferor will be disqualified from the race and banned from any CTRRA event for one year, the violation and identities of violators will also be publicly announced on related websites.
  4. When picking up your race pack, please be sure you have the correct and matching bib number and race timing chip. No replacement for the timing chip will be made after pick-up.
  5. If you were unable to retrieve your race pack and take part in the race, you can still pick up your race pack by bringing your pick-up notice to the CTRRA office during working hours from OCT.26th – OCT 30th,2020 (Monday to Friday 08:30 to 12:00 and 13:30 to17:30).
  6. The organizers reserve the right to publish or broadcast any video, photographs and names or other types of materials recorded at this event for the purpose of reporting and promoting their activities.
  7. Please be sure to follow the traffic official and referee instructions all along the race course and at all turns and intersections throughout the race.
  8. To maintain the quality of the race event and protect the rights for all runners, you are not allowed to enter the race route without wearing the bib.
  9. Runners who are participating on behalf of another individual or as a transferee shall be responsible for joint several liability of insurance claims if an accident occurs.
  10. If the participant involved in loss of property or physical injury, the organizer will assist with the insurance claims. You are not allowed to request any compensation from the operation supervisor, chief organizer, associate organizer, or any event sponsors.
  11. Runners and event participants are strictly prohibited from bringing illegal items to the race venue. Prohibited items include illegal drugs, knives, guns, explosives or any other kind of weapon or prohibited dangerous item.
  12. COVID-19 Prevention Measures

    • a.We encourage all participants to maintain social distancing as much as possible during the event. And we also recommend that runners and staff wear a mask when you are not running.
    • b.The event organizer will send out a health check survey one week before the event through email and it must be completed by all participants.
    • c.Establish a health monitoring plan for all staff (including mobile personnel) of the assembly, and have a tracing and responding mechanism in case of abnormalities. If there is a fever (ear temperature ≧ 38 ° C), respiratory symptoms or diarrhea, etc., you should actively report to the unit supervisor or responsible person and take appropriate protective measures and medical treatment.
    • d.Alcohol or dry hand sanitizers are prepared at the entrance of the event venue and various stations (supply station, water station, sponge station, etc.) Public toilets along the routes are prepared with liquid soap or soap.

    ※ The above epidemic prevention measures are implemented according to the development of the epidemic situation and could be subject to change.

Chinese Taipei Road Running Association (CTRRA)