• Finisher Towels

  • Finisher Medal

  • Cloak towel 42.195KM only

  • T-shirt 10KM/3KM

  • Singlet 42.195KM/21.0975KM

  • Storage bag 42.195KM/21.0975KM

All pictures shown are for illustration purpose only. Actual products may vary.

Registrant Souvenirs

Items 42.195KM
Half Marathon
10KM 3KM
Gift Bag
NIKE race shirts Singlet Singlet T-shirt T-shirt
Timing chip
Bib & Pins
Storage bag
Gift Bag
Finisher Medal
Finisher tote
Electronic Certificate
Finisher cloak/towel
Finisher towels


  • Race participants will be entered into a drawing to win 10 FREE flights to Europe, the US, Australia and Asia.

    Drawing Rules:

    Drawing Winners Selected Before Race Day

    –International Routes–

    1. Ticket Prize Descriptions:
      1. Full marathon (42.195 km): 3 Premium Economy Class tickets to any destination in Europe, the U.S. or Australia.
      2. Half marathon (21.0975 km), 10 km, and 3 km: 1 Economy Class ticket to any destination in Europe, the U.S. or Australia and 4 Economy Class tickets to any destination in Asia.
    2. Winners will be randomly selected on Oct. 19, 2022 Taipei time and posted on the Official EVA Air Marathon Website at 12:00 on Oct. 20, 2022 Taipei time.
    3. All winners must claim their ticket prizes before 12:00 on Oct. 23, 2022 at the DaJia Riverside Park prize redemption area or their prize will be forfeited. After 12 on Oct. 23, 2022, prizes will no longer be available.
    4. All winners must claim prizes in person. No other person can claim a prize on a winner’s behalf. Any winner who cannot present their Fabric Race Number and a form of identification (i.e., ID card or driver's license) to prize redemption officials upon collecting their prize will be deemed to have forfeited the award. Sweepstakes prizes are subject to income taxes in accordance with laws of the Republic of China (Taiwan).
    5. The organizer has the right to adjust drawing procedures to accommodate changed circumstances.
    6. Each ticket prize awarded will be a single-destination round-trip ticket, departing from and returning to a designated airport in Taiwan. Ticket prizes will be valid Nov. 1, 2022 - Oct. 31, 2023 and are limited to EVA Air’s international routes, excluding chartered and co-shared flights.
    7. Ticket prize winners will be required to pay all applicable taxes and fees in cash, including airport tax and fuel surcharges. Amounts will be determined by tax rates on dates tickets are issued.
    8. Ticket prize winners are subject to taxes in accordance with laws of the Republic of China (Taiwan). The value of each ticket prize will be calculated at the lowest selling fare in the same class at the time awards are issued. Taxes will be collected by EVA Air when ticket prizes are issued.
      – Residents of the Republic of China (Taiwan) - 10% tax on tickets valued at more than NTD 20,010.
      – Non-Residents of the Republic of China (Taiwan) - 20% tax.
    9. Winners are advised to book seats as soon as possible before scheduled departures (booking class code: “N” for economy class, “E” for premium economy class) and bring vouchers to appropriate EVA Air ticket service counters (except ticket counters in airports) to redeem their ticket. Once a ticket is issued, the itinerary cannot be changed and the ticket cannot be refunded.
    10. Ticket prizes ticket are not eligible to accumulate miles or for a mileage upgrade.
    11. In the event of war, natural disaster or other force majeure factors, EVA Air reserves the right to cancel carriage services in accordance with its published transportation or conditions of carriage terms. Any matters not covered will be handled according to EVA regulation. The airline reserves the right to make amendments.
    12. Pursuant to laws and regulations in North America, participants from the United States and Canada are not eligible to win the ticket sweepstakes.

    Ticket prize drawing onsite

    1. Ticket Prize Drawing:
      The 2022 EVA Air Marathon host will draw among race participants for 1 EVA Air Economy Class ticket to any Europe/US/Australia destination and 1 EVA Air Economy Class ticket to any Asia destination on Oct. 23, 2022.
    2. Ticket prizes must be claimed by the winners in person before 12:00 pm on the day of the drawing. A drawing winner will be deemed to have forfeited their prize after that time. They will also be deemed to have forfeited their prize if they cannot present their Fabric Race Number and ID or Driver’s License when the claim the prize.
    3. Sweepstakes tickets can be dropped in the barrel during the registration period or before 8:30 on the days of the drawing. Sweepstakes prizes are subject to income taxes, according to Republic of China (Taiwan) tax laws.
    4. Winners must be present at the race-day drawing to win. Each winner’s name will be announced three times. A drawing winner will be deemed to have forfeited their ticket prize if they do not claim it. Ticket prizes cannot be claimed on someone’s behalf.
    5. Other ticket prize requirements are the same as those described in items 6-12 for "International Routes."
  • Enter the race for a chance to win a NTD 3,000 travel voucher (10 winners in total)! No restrictions on domestic or overseas use. Travel has never been easier!

    10 lucky winners drawn in advance

    Terms and Conditions for Travel Voucher Lucky Draw

    1. Winners will be selected randomly on 19 OCT ’22 Taipei time and announced on the official website at 12:00 pm on 20 OCT ’22 Taipei time.
    2. All prize winners must claim their tickets before 12:00 pm on 23 OCT ’22 at the Dajia Riverside Park prize redemption area. Those who have not picked up their prizes after the event ends at 12:00 noon will be deemed to have forfeited their prizes, and no replacement will be provided after the event.
    3. Winners must claim their prizes in person. Any winner who cannot present their Fabric Race Number and a form of identification (i.e., ID card or driver's license) when they collect their prizes will be deemed to have forfeited their claim. Sweepstakes prizes are subject to income taxes in accordance with the tax laws of the Republic of China (Taiwan).
    4. The organizer reserves the right to adjust the process of the event according to the situation at the time.
    5. Winners must fill out the “Winning Receipt” and attach a photocopy of the front and back of their identity cards. Non-nationals must attach a photocopy of their passport (a copy of their alien residence permit must also be kept for their records). Regardless of whether there is withholding tax, a receipt must be completed to claim the prize. Everfun Holiday shall issue a withholding form and provide to winners for their respective personal income tax filing.
    6. The winner guarantees that the prize information provided is true and correct, and no fraud or misuse of any third party's information. If there is any inaccuracy or misstatements discovered by the organizer and Everfun Travel or reported by a third party and subsequently verified, EVA Air will immediately void the eligibility of the winner to claim the prize.
    7. Winners must abide by the relevant rules and regulations of the event and the method of prize collection. If they are unwilling to accept, they are deemed to have given up their rights.
    8. For any matters not mentioned herewith, the organizer and Everfun Holiday may revise the event at any time and reserves the right to final interpretation, cancellation and change the details of this event.

    Travel Voucher - Terms of Use:

    1. Please proceed to the official website of Everfun Holiday to choose the travel products available. The detailed content and price of travel products are as officially announced on the website.
    2. Please use the voucher within the deadline of December 31, 2023. Any unused voucher is considered null and void after the indicated deadline.
    3. Please note the following terms for use of travel vouchers:
      1. The voucher cannot be used for: UNIAIR Holidays products, EVASION products, Taiwan High Speed Rail Holiday products, booking air tickets online and other instantly booked products.
      2. The voucher cannot be used to pay tour guide gratuities and other expenses derived from the booked package.
      3. The voucher certificate must be presented and returned when making a deposit or reservation. If the voucher is not presented, it can only be used for the next booked product.
      4. The voucher certificate can only be redeemed for a single product and used up at one time; it cannot be redeemed for cash, change, accumulation of value, or combined with other promotional items.
      5. No refund will be granted once used. If the booked product is cancelled for any reason, any cancellation fee incurred cannot be deducted with this voucher.
      6. This voucher certificate is a complimentary gift issued free of charge and no receipt for collection and transfer will be issued upon redemption; in case of differences in price, only a receipt for collection and transfer of the resulting difference will be issued.
    4. The redeemer (winner) is requested to keep this certificate in a safe location and shall be responsible for any damage or loss; no replacement shall be issued. The redeemer(winner) is strictly prohibited from selling this certificate publicly on the internet or other markets or reselling it to others.
    5. This certification shall not be used for bookings through other travel agencies or organizations; nor can it be used for bulk payment of corporate account special quotation tours (tickets).
    6. Matters not described in the terms of use of this voucher certificate shall be subject to the sales agreement, terms of use or contract of the redeemed product.
    7. The voucher is considered invalid without the official seal of Everfun Holiday.
    8. Everfun Holiday customer service hotline: 02-2513-5679
    9. Everfun Holiday reserves the right to amend, suspend and terminate this activity. Any other details not disclosed herein will be separately announced.
  • “Run! Every MILE is worthwhile!”
    Infinity MileageLands Members can win up to 4,200 miles!

    Mileage Award Rules:

    1. Infinity MileageLands Members who have entered the race can log in on the official website at EVA Air/Infinity MileageLands - My Account - E-mail Subscription and confirm that you agree to receive EVA information. (e.g.: Infinity MileageLands E-News) and partners’ information, EVA Air/ EVA Air Co-Brand Credit Card, to earn marathon mileage awards.
    2. Please reconfirm that you checked the box, indicating you are willing to receive EVA information, e.g., Infinity MileageLands E-News, and information from partners, EVA Air/ EVA Air Co-Brand Credit Card, before Nov. 11, 2022. Earned marathon miles will then be deposited into your Infinity MileageLands account: 4,200 miles for full-marathon participants, 2,100 miles for running the half marathon, 1,000 miles for the 10 km group and 300 miles for the 3 km group.
    3. Also enjoy exclusive events for Infinity MileageLands Members! Not a member yet? Click here to join, get 500 free miles immediately followed by another 500 miles if you fill out all membership information details!
    4. In addition to meeting qualifications described in item 1 above, you can ensure that miles actually transfer to your membership account by going to the official website, EVAAir/InfinityMileageLands Account Management - My Profile, confirm your membership ID no. and date of birth. The system will compare membership information with that you provided to the Chinese Taipei Road Running Association when you registered for the marathon. If information you provided is incomplete or incorrect, miles will not be credited into your account and there will not be any further notice.
    5. If you are a foreign national, please make sure you fill in your passport number on the official website, EVAAir/InfinityMileageLands Account Management - My Profile. The system will match data you enter with information you provided at the Chinese Taipei Road Running Association when you registered for the marathon.
    6. Miles awarded for this event are all Award Miles and cannot be used for membership upgrades or renewals. These miles can be used as described by Infinity MileageLands reward rules and regulations.
    7. EVA Air reserves the right to interpret, amend, suspend or terminate this offer without further notice.
  • EVA AIR Home Delivery Shopping, 20% off on designated products (Taiwan only)

    1. Event Period: Oct. 20 ~ Oct. 26, 2022.
    2. Any participants for the race who has entered the designated activity account number, password can purchase products from designated category "馬拉松跑者推薦" via EVA AIR Home Delivery Shopping website or App and get 20% off.
      1. Business no.: P00000086
      2. Password: EVARUN
    3. This offer does not apply to mail orders and cannot be combined with other promotions (discounts, member-exclusive discounts, shop with Infinity MileageLands miles, birthday coupon, limited time offers, current promotions, EVA Air co-branded card discounts, etc.).
    4. Some items are not eligible for the discount. Please check item description details on the website.
    5. EVA Air reserves the right to amend, interpret, cancel or change details of this exclusive promotion.
    6. Please go to mall.evaair.com for more items and details or download the EVA AIR Home Delivery Shopping App.
  • Exclusive deals for Evergreen Hotels in Taiwan

    Promotion Description:

    1. Official Website Booking Discount: Make reservations for an October stay at any Evergreen Hotel in Taiwan (Keelung / Taipei/ Taichung / Tainan / Jiaosi / Chiayi) Sept. 1 ~ Oct. 31, 2022 via the official website and get a NT 100 discount per room per night. You must present your marathon-entry receipt number or bib number upon check-in or the discount will not apply. This discount cannot be combined with other discounts or offers.
    2. Booking Discount for Members: Infinity MileageLands Members can use their annual membership discount to book an October reservation at any hotel in Taiwan (Keelung / Taipei / Taichung / Tainan / Jiaosi / Chiayi) and receive an additional 500 miles for each eligible stay. This discount cannot be combined with other discount programs.

    Note: Your receipt number will be shown on your form after you have successfully registered on the official Chinese Taipei Road Running Association website. You can check your receipt number on the marathon website’s Registration Inquiry page.